Some times you have to shoot into the light.

A willow growing against the wall of a disused granite quarry that was my playground when a boy.

It’s naturally leaning towards the sun & when I shot this the lens flare lit the tree, & to me gave it a facial quality.  So I decided to develop that in post processing.  I wish it had been deliberate, but some times mistakes work.

In my belief.  & I am a self confessed believer in Nature.  All living things are imbued with a spirit.  Not just animals.  & certainly not just Man.

From a weed in a crack to an ancient oak.   From the ants in that crack to the blue whales that roam the oceans.

Nature hasn’t deserted us.  She is waiting in the wings for us to realise we can’t live without her.  For us to realise we can only take what she gives freely.

This is the first post of this blog.  I’ve created it to show my images.  But not necessarily my best.

Rather the ones that I think carry my emotions, feelings & beliefs the most.  & not just the ramblings of a mad country bumpkin.

I aspire to be a better photographer but know I’ve a long way to go.

Subsequent posts will probably be less wordy but I felt It necessary to explain my reasons & agenda.

”… even the finest scenery loses incalculably when there is no one to enjoy it with.” Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad, 1880.


One thought on “Some times you have to shoot into the light.

  1. Very majestic photo. I believe God created the universe and wants us to enjoy it. I sure do in my nature photography. I am learning new things-mostly by practice behind the lens. Congratulations on your new blog.

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